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    General Solutions

    Our objective is to add value to your business. Transped offers a comprehensive list of services for international transportation.

    Our company operates in all of the areas related to transportation and relies on a qualified network, which uses the most innovative tools to implement the best solution for your transportation needs.

    With offices in Spain (Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao, Gijon, Madrid, Zaragoza, Alicante and Sevilla), China (Xiamen, Shanghai, Qingdao and Shuitou) and the United States (Nueva York) and as members of the WCA network, we provide services in 187 countries and, in the last three years we have transported 150,000 TEUs for clients in different industries, including special cargo, perishable food items and chemical products.

    As a logistics complement, Transped has its own terminal on the Sagunto Port (ITS), with a capability of 258,000 TEUs y 3 TECO doors.


    Sea Transportation

    Sea transportation represents a high percentage of world trade transactions. Transped is a leading operator, preset in all of the import and export international markets, with the capabilities and the flexibility necessary to adapt its service offer to different size operations involving the most varied industries.

    Air Transportation

    The most urgent shipments require agile and flexible services. As an IATA certified agent, TRANSPED guarantees fast and safe delivery of your merchandise.

    Our agreements with other leading companies accelerate our response time and optimize the operations’ administrative management.


    Multimodal Transportation

    The market’s interconnectivity and the new demands of the international trade sometimes make it imperative to combine logistics and transport to optimize costs, time and services, making multimodal solutions into a strategic element. TRANSPED offers an efficient and safe combined service, coordinating the entirety of the merchandise operations from its origin to its destination.

    Europa: intermodal shipment

    Merchandise transportation between Spain and the rest of Europe is generally done by land, due to the incompatibility of the track gauges of our railroad infrastructure. This fact increases costs. Therefore, Transped has implemented an infrastructure that allows for the connection of the most important peninsular ports (Bilbao, Barcelona, Sagunto, Valencia, Alicante, Algeciras, Lisbon, Leixoes and Sines) with a Feeder system.


    Inland Transportation

    TRANSPED uses and extensive land (railroads and highways), sea and air transportation network that connects the main cities of the peninsula to offer more efficient solutions for the inland market.