The more than 40 years of experience and collaboration with the main shipping lines allow us to manage cargo and shipments if the modalities of FCL and LCL. We apply the most advanced management tools to optimize times and reduce costs.


The transportation in full containers is done with different types of containers and TRANSPED has stablished space agreements with the shipping lines to use the most efficient routes.

The types of containers for full loads that we work with are:

  • Dry van: 20´,40 and 40 HC

  • Reefer: 20´RF, 40´RF and 40 HRF

  • Open Top: 20´OT, 40´OT

  • Flat Racks 20´FR, 40´FR

  • Isotank containers


Transped is an official Flexitank installer, with stock in our warehouses in Valencia, Barcelona y Algeciras. Our Flexitanks comply with all of the ISO-9001/200 regulations, the regulations of the FDA (USA and Y Europe), the CIQ (China), the BHA (Germany), and comply with the TÜV certification.

We also offer Embatuff installation (thermal cargo blankets), and electrical cargo blankets, necessary depending on the characteristics of the merchandise.


When your merchandise is not enough to fill a container, TRANSPED offers you the possibility of sea transportation groupage, with very competitive rates and timeframes. Also, we handle the consolidation, storage and logistics of your merchandise. We manage the customs documentation and all of the paperwork needed to deliver your shipment in the best conditions.

At Transped, we have stablished our own weekly import groupage from China (Shenzhen, Ningbo and Shanghai) to Spain, which gives us more control over the cargo, more precise information and the ability to offer better services at more competitive prices.


We offer tracking and tracing services, implemented by our computer systems in coordination via XML with the INTRA system developed by the shipping lines, which controls all of the world’s ports. This services allow for route outlining and follow up on the merchandise from origin to destination, making it possible to control the delivery date and the return of each container in order to handle better the expenses derived from delays. Our Clients have access to:

  • Shipment reservations

  • Shipping notes

  • Shipment reservation confirmation

  • Shipping instructions confirmation

  • Confirmation of container arrival and departure to and from the origin terminal

  • Loading and unloading to and from ship

  • Confirmation of container delivery/return to and from the destination terminal

To complement all of this information, we have connected our computer system to that of the container carriers to have access in real time to the data regarding container arrival and departure to and from the client’s facilities.

Considering all of the aforementioned, we can confirm that we have control over all the shipments we handle.

These services are constantly improving and we are currently adapting them to an e-mail notification system, which will make the tracking of shipments even more comfortable, reliable and concise.


We at Transped strive to generate value and provide guarantees, offering an optional shipment insurance for your merchandise and handling all of the shipment’s documentation and customs procedures.

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