For a transportation company making a difference is not an easy task, because the general services are widely regulated and consolidated in the industry. Conquering the most demanding challenges has been the driving force behind our company and by doing that we have positioned ourselves as specialists in a variety of solutions tailored to meet the new demands of our clients.


The food items transportation demands absolute respect of the food chain. Reducing risks and optimizing the value and the costs of the products are top priorities to Transped. We have been developing solutions for our food and agriculture industry for 20 years. The transportation of fruits, meats, frozen foods, bulk liquids or solids, packaged and bottled products represent a high percentage of our operations.

Bulk liquids: Liner Bag. Transped solves grain transportation and other bulk solid through the use of this kind of flexible aseptic and light container.


Flexitank is a large scale flexible storage system to contain liquid merchandise, food items and non-hazardous chemicals. Its capacity ranges from 19,000 to 24,000 liters, depending on the product’s density. Once filled, it transforms into a 20’ DV container.

The advantages over other systems are its great availability and its lower costs. It is easily reusable because of the ease of loading handling it offers. Besides, it is 100% recyclable, which helps the environment.

Transped is an official Flexitank installer, with stock in our warehouses in Valencia, Barcelona y Algeciras. Our Flexitanks comply with all of the ISO-9001/200 regulations, the regulations of the FDA (USA and Y Europe), the CIQ (China), the BHA (Germany), and comply with the TÜV certification.

We also offer Embatuff installation (thermal cargo blankets), and electrical cargo blankets, necessary depending on the characteristics of the merchandise.


Often, a company’s export strategy starts with the shipment of samples to leads, either to participate in international fairs or to activate direct commercialization with Asian clients.

These markets establish a series of requirements (packaging, labeling, merchandise legalization, import certification) that sometimes render unviable these kinds of operations.

Transped, from its offices in Shanghai and Xiamen, offers a tailored service that comprehensible solves sample shipment, legalization, labeling and warehousing for a year, with the additional advantage of making deliveries to any place inside of the Chinese territory.


Big projects require large components and heavy structures that need to be transported safely and efficiently.

Transped has the equipment and the experience to handle and transport tons of cargo and special merchandise in the best possible conditions and with absolute reliability.


The transportation of hazardous, corrosive, poisonous, oxidizing, chemicals in gaseous or liquid state should follow very strict national and international rules and regulations.

Transped is an agent specialized in warehousing, handling and transporting these kinds of shipments.


In the global market, seller’s integrity is essential to guarantee the client’s commercial operations.

Production diversification and specialization call for Crosstrade shipment services through a sole contact and a sole transport document to optimize triangular operations.


TRANSPED manages the cargo from a reception and consolidation warehouse to adjust to each client demands, unifying the merchandise from various providers for the same final recipient.


At Transped, we have stablished our own weekly import groupage from China (Shenzhen, Ningbo and Shanghai) to Spain, which gives us more control over the cargo, more precise information and the ability to offer better services at more competitive prices.


On the last few years, many companies are part of projects that bring many partners together, such as the construction and equipment of hotel complexes, hospitals, etc. TRANSPED offers all kinds of solutions at destination to carry out contract projects, including the location of warehouses, professional construction equipment, forklifts, etc.


Transped offers the same professionalism for both international shipments and for shipments from the Peninsula to the Canary Islands carrying out a full container transport or groupage as needed.

We connect the Algeciras, Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Leixoes, Marin and Sagunto Ports to the Tenerife, Arrecife and Las Palmas Ports, also reaching all the smaller islands (Fuerteventura, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro).

Our goal is to provide the best express service (72h), facilitating the delivery and documentary procedures of the dispatch itself, Tax on Imports and Deliveries of Goods fees (A.I.E.M) and Canarian Indirect General Tax (I.G.I.C) taxes that this type of exports entails.

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