• We specialize on paperwork management for international trade

    Custom Brokers

    TRANSPED’s commitment to its clients goes beyond safe, efficient and affordable solutions for their transportation needs. We manage the customs clearance and all the paperwork required for international trade.

    We are aware of the need to accelerate the information exchange between logistics operators and their clients to shorten the delivery cycle, optimize logistic movements, improve stock information levels, and ultimately, provide the client with a comprehensive service adapted to their demands and optimize the fiscal and financial aspects.


    Customs Clearance

    Our customs clearance service is up to date regarding the local rules and regulations as well as the challenges of a global business.

    We implement the individual solutions that help our clients make decisions, reduce the waiting time, optimize cash flow and handle taxes.

    Comprehensive Management of import/export paperwork

    The merchandise is always accompanied by the corresponding documentation. TRANSPED guarantees specialized management in all stages of the process.