Transped, a freight forwarding company with more than two decades of experience in logistics and transportation, is proud to announce its recent achievement: obtaining Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification. This achievement not only reflects our strong commitment to excellence in the distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, but also allows us to be part of a rich history of quality standards in the industry.

GDP: More than a Certification

Over the years, Transped has stood out for offering comprehensive logistics solutions around the world. Our mission has always been to ensure the safe, efficient, and timely delivery of products in a highly competitive market. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a benchmark in the sector.

GDP, Good Distribution Practice, certification is a rigorous international standard designed to ensure that pharmaceutical products are handled, stored and distributed safely and efficiently, maintaining their integrity and quality at every stage of the supply chain. GDP certification, as we know it today, was established in the 1990s in response to the need for stricter regulations in the pharmaceutical supply chain. It was at this time that the importance of maintaining the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical products during their distribution was recognized.

The concept of good distribution practices originated in the pharmaceutical industry to address concerns about the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products as they traveled from manufacturers to patients.

The Journey to GDP Certification

The pursuit of GDP certification was not an easy path, but at Transped, we embraced this challenge with determination. From the beginning, we understood the importance of GDP certification and were committed to achieving it. This commitment served as the foundation for all of our subsequent efforts.

The first stage involved a comprehensive assessment of our operations by an accredited certification body. This process looked at every aspect of our operations, from infrastructure to staff training and documentation related to pharmaceutical distribution.

From the initial assessment, we develop detailed procedures to ensure quality and safety at all stages of the supply chain. These procedures became the backbone of our operation as we moved toward certification.

Recognizing that our team is our most valuable asset, we provided specialized training to ensure that all team members understood the importance of good distribution practices and met their individual supply chain responsibilities. Finally, the crucial moment arrived for the external audit carried out by an independent certification body. The approval of this audit was confirmation of our commitment to quality.

During this audit, every aspect of our operations was thoroughly checked to ensure we met the rigorous GDP standards.

Advantages for Our Clients

By working with a GDP certified supplier like Transped, our clients can rely on the highest quality and security in the distribution of their pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Our GDP certification ensures that your products will be handled and transported safely and efficiently at all times.

Furthermore, by choosing Transped as their GDP certified logistics provider, our clients can seamlessly comply with all regulations and standards required in the distribution of pharmaceutical products. This avoids possible sanctions and fines related to non-compliance with regulations. Our GDP certification also strengthens our reputation as a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Customers in the healthcare sector can rest assured that their products are in good hands.

Lastly, our customers can enjoy faster deliveries and reduced operating costs thanks to the increased efficiencies we have achieved through the implementation of GDP practices. Furthermore, by working with Transped, they become more competitive in the pharmaceutical logistics market.

Earning GDP certification is a milestone we are deeply proud of, and we understand that maintaining this certification is equally important. At Transped, our dedication to quality is continuous.