• Europa: intermodal shipment

    Merchandise transportation between Spain and the rest of Europe is generally done by land, due to the incompatibility of the track gauges of our railroad infrastructure.

    This fact increases costs. Therefore, Transped has implemented an infrastructure that allows for the connection of the most important peninsular ports (Bilbao, Barcelona, Sagunto, Valencia, Alicante, Algeciras, Lisbon, Leixoes, Sines) with Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Greece, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey) and northern Europe (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland and Russia) through a FEEDER system and providing Short Sea Shipping services to the rest of the European ports as an alternative to highway transportation.

    Combining this modality with the inland railroad transportation, and adjusting to the maximum the highway solutions, containers travel to all of the inland and peripheral points of Europe in the best cost/time conditions.

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