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Transped Barcelona receives AEO Certification

After an exhaustive audit, our Barcelona office has achieved AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Certification, which is a status that the European Union grants to those trusted community economic operators concerning customs matters. However, what are the advantages for our clients and why is it important to work with an Authorized Economic Operator? Here we tell

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At Transped we develop solutions for our agri-food industry. The transport of fruit, meat, frozen food, liquid and solid bulk, packaged and bottled products, represents a high percentage of our operations. Here we tell you some curiosities about bulk transport that has become an important ally for sustainable logistics. Bulk cargo is a solid or

  • Canal de Suez


Maritime transport is one of the pillars of Transped's business. For the maritime shipment of goods, the navigable channels are part of an essential infrastructure for international trade. We go through the main canals of the world and their importance for maritime transport. The origins  The Grand Canal of China, also known as the Beijing-Hangzhou